Ever heard of the saying “you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”? Most people would have understood it in it’s intended simplified framework. Real life however, offers a more complex context.

The are things in life we can compromise by spending as little as possible but ending up getting a decent or even good outcome. An immediate example would be the likes of clothings and shoes where luxury brands can be set aside. But there are also things in life that one cannot compromise such as health and education.

Speaking of education, when one enrolls to his/her University of choice, one would definitely think of his/her work prospect upon graduation. In doing so, the University fees / tuition fees comes into mind. If the cheapest being the utmost prerogative, the are many small colleges out there that offers cheaper option as an alternative, but more than never one would prefer a recognized and established institution simply by questioning oneself “what would be my value later on in the working industry”?

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