If you have ever heard of Life Experience Degree, or intended to acquire one or even already acquired one; then it’s very unfortunate of you.

Behold, the latest and most updated scam in the Fake Degree Industry. We feel saddened by the amount of people that has been betrayed and misrepresented by these unscrupulous schemes.

To put it simply, a Life Experience Degree is a so called-made up academic qualification based on an individual’s life experience. Yes, we reiterate, life experience!! We leave it to the readers to evaluate themselves how far would a life experience of an individual carry any weigh in the competitive working industry. The only difference with a Life Experience Degree is that it is an attempt to nicely package mere life experiences into a piece of paper and call it a Degree, and while at it charging you unnecessary costs for basically nothing in return!

This is by far the  biggest deceit in the academic industry! We indulge our readers to further consider the following points in order for us to state our case.

Point 1 – It is no shock to anyone that any self proclaimed college or university that offers Life Experience Degree doesn’t actually exist, physically. No Lecture rooms, no hostels, no library, no cafeteria, no credibility and capacity whatsoever and definitely not accredited. They only exist online with only one aim, that is to suck your wallet dry and give nothing in return.

Point 2 – To date, no proper Academic institution will ever offer such courses anywhere in the world.

Point 3 – Your logic will have to come into play. If really Life Experience Degree is indeed an academic qualification, then every single human soul on planet earth will be entitled to a Life Degree, so long as u pay. We implore our readers to decide themselves the worth of such mock Degree.

Point 4 – If you so happen to have obtained one unfortunately, and you are still not convinced with what we have said, try going to an interview with such so called Life Experience Degree. We guarantee you will be a laughing stock of the day. You will be better off with your working experience which will carry more weigh.

We wish to further clarify to our readers that the concept of Life Experience Degree is totally different with an honorary doctorate.

That being said, do not waste your time and money purchasing a worthless piece of paper. Buy a real and accredited degree. Contact us at www.buydegree.com.