The Danger Of Buying Fake Degrees. Why You Should Buy Genuine And Verifiable Degrees From Real University Instead.

As the title suggest, this write-up intends to serve as a logical comparison between buying Fake Degree vs. Buying Genuine and verifiable Degree as we all know the latter will obviously costs more than the former. 
First and foremost, it is paramount to understand first what tantamount to a Fake Degree and what does it mean by buying a Genuine Verifiable Degrees. To put it simply, this is not a case of buying which car to get from point A to point B, but instead choosing between a defective car which cannot move and a car that will move you from point A to point B, metaphorically speaking. 
A Fake Degree is basically a scam, a sham, and a grave misrepresentation intended to suck your wallet dry in the worst case scenario. More than never, a Fake Degree will be offered from a University that doesn’t exist physically only virtually. No campus, no lectures halls no library just a website full of fake images. Fake Degrees also offers verification of the degrees but usually by way of website confirmation only. Your prospective employer will be guided to the website and key in the relevant details and then your name will appear on the website as if such confirmation has been verified. Unfortunately, most employers nowadays, are very skeptical against such a simple and unconvincing mechanics what more coming from a University that has never been heard of before, or even worse, already well known as a fake University
Another form of a Fake Degree will be the the likes of Diploma Mills which offers life experience courses instead of academic courses. This goes without saying, that a life experience diploma/degree will carry no weigh whatsoever in an interview and it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. It is all but a waste of money that would be better of be put in a good use. 
THE REAL DANGER however, is not the embarrassment one would face when being found out, or application being rejected or even being blacklisted from several affiliated organization from working. THE REAL DANGER is when some miracle happen, somehow through the fault of HR department or a careless employer, you are accepted by the Company/employer for the intended position. This is when the Fake Degree syndicate true colour will appear. You will then be bombarded with threats for further unending payments. Sometimes even on monthly basis, failing which the Fake Degree syndicate will expose you of your fake degree and you might not only loose your job but also your credibility as prospective employee anywhere else. May we remind you of the website verification mentioned earlier; it is where mostly the Fake Degree syndicate gather all the relevant information to turn against you. 
On the other hand, a Genuine Degree from a real University is exactly as how it is defined. It is a real University, physically existing with campus, lecture halls, library etc. It is a normal accredited University with normal real lecturers and students on the site on daily basis. It is fully accredited worldwide except it won’t be from the top University of its respective Country. So the first thing to understand is its not going to be from such University of the Big Boy’s alumni.
The question why and how such University is able to offer up some degrees for purchase is simple; the key personnel/person in charge, of course with the right price. Even so it will not be as expensive as the full price should one decided to enroll normally as a student. Bear in mind on top of the tuition fees, the lodging, the transportation, survival expenses, food, books, stationaries etc etc. The list of costs are never ending.
Not only you are able to obtain a genuine degree which is verifiable by the University (usually by the University’s official email and official physical mail attached with copy your transcript), but you are also free from any unnecessary threats as being practiced by the Fake Degree Syndicate.