What’s Next After the Covid-19 Pandemic? 

In the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that continues to disrupt the global economy, many employers worldwide are left with no choice but to reduce staff to cut costs and survive. The pandemic will worsen the labour market in three ways: higher barriers of entry into the job market, long lasting lower income levels, and worsening labour conditions. 

The present state of the economy has created fierce competition in the job market. Uncertainty about job opportunities and disruption to regular routines can make an already-stressful job search even more challenging for job-seekers. 

A lot of people are worried about their jobs but aren’t taking any action because they don’t know what to do. Or they think there’s nothing they can do. They’re simply holding their collective breaths, hoping the other shoe doesn’t drop.  

If you are able to work during this time, adding experience to your resume could help improve your resume and give you an advantage in the long-run. Showing employers that you were able to adjust to this challenging situation could make your application more competitive. 

OR alternatively you can get yourself a degree qualification. 

WHY you should just buy your degree. Let us simply begin with the traditional example of getting from point A to point C. Most people would spend years and hefty amount of resources to get from A to C by going through B. What we are offering you is simple; getting from point A to C WITHOUT having to go through B. And by this we mean ANYONE can get from point A to point C, not only the privileged.   

Forget years of studying and attending classes and lectures, not to mention the endless exams, coursework, tutorials and assignments. Forget spending ridiculous amount of money for your tuition fees, study loans, transportation, meals, and rentals! The reality of working life is, as most people are aware, doesn’t involve memorizing impractical formulas, completing course works or even coming up with theoretical write-ups to impress your examiner. Working life is practicality, and even the working levels are learning through real experiences.  

Start getting yourself promoted; save money, save time or simply uplift your credibility or social status as YOU decide or deem fit. Craft your own path and future.