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Courses Available 

  • Business Administration    
  • Business and Accounting    
  • Business and Event Management    
  • Business and Finance    
  • Business and Human Resources    
  • Business and Marketing    
  • Business and Sport Management  
  • Business and Tourism    
  • Business Economics    
  • Business Studies    
  • Business Studies with Information Systems    
  • Business Studies with Leadership & Management    
  • Economics    
  • Event Management    
  • Event Management and Marketing    
  • Event Management and Tourism    
  • Finance    
  • Finance and Economics    
  • Human Resource Management    
  • Information Technology Management for Business    
  • International Business  
  • International Tourism Management with Placement Year    
  • Marketing    
  • Tourism Management    

Degrees in Accounting & Finance include: 

  • Accounting    
  • Accounting and Economics    
  • Accounting and Finance    
  • Business and Accounting    
  • Business and Finance    
  • Finance    
  • Finance and Economics 

Courses Available 

  • Creative Writing        
  • English Language and Applied Linguistics        
  • English Language and Creative Writing        
  • English Language and Journalism        
  • English Language and Linguistics        
  • English Language and Literature        
  • English Language and Media        
  • English Language with a Language        
  • English Language with English Language Teaching        
  • English Language with Film        
  • English Literature        
  • English Literature and Creative Writing        
  • English Literature and Journalism        
  • English Literature and Media        
  • English Literature with a Language        
  • English Literature with Film        
  • History        
  • History and Creative Writing        
  • History and English Language        
  • History and English Literature        
  • History and Journalism        
  • History and Philosophy        
  • History with a Language        
  • History with Film        
  • Journalism        
  • Journalism and Creative Writing        
  • Journalism and Media        
  • Mass Communications        
  • Media        
  • Media and Creative Writing        
  • Philosophy        
  • Philosophy and Creative Writing        
  • Philosophy and English Language        
  • Philosophy and English Literature        
  • Philosophy and Journalism        
  • Philosophy and Media        
  • Philosophy with a Language        
  • Philosophy with Film        
  • Philosophy, Religion and Ethics        
  • Politics & International Relations and History        
  • Politics & International Relations and Journalism        
  • Politics & International Relations and Philosophy        
  • Politics and International Relations 

Courses Available 

  • Computer Science    
  • Computer Science (Software Engineering)    
  • Computer Science (Networks)    
  • Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)    
  • Information Technology    
  • Computer Technology and Networks    
  • Information Technology     
  • Information Technology Management for Business    
  • Engineering with Management    

Courses Available 

  • Early Childhood Education 
  • Education 
  • Education Management 

Courses Available 

  • Biochemistry   
  • Biological Science   
  • Biomedical Science   
  • Dietetics   
  • Environmental Management and Ecology   
  • Geography   
  • Human Geography   
  • Master of Optometry 
  • Molecular Biology   
  • Nutrition   
  • Pharmaceutical Science   
  • Pharmacology   
  • Pharmacy-   
  • Physical Geography   
  • Psychology   
  • Sport and Exercise Science   
  • Sports Business Management   
  • Sports Coaching   
  • Sports Development   
  • Sports Studies   
  • Sports Studies with Psychology   
  • Sports Therapy 

Courses Available 

  • Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering 
  • Aerospace Engineering    
  • Aerospace Technology with Management    
  • Automotive Engineering    
  • Biological and Agricultural Engineering 
  • Biomedical and Medical Engineering 
  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Civil Engineering    
  • Computer Engineering 
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering    
  • Electrical Engineering and Electronics 
  • Engineering – Architectural 
  • Engineering with Management    
  • Environmental Engineering 
  • Geological Engineering 
  • Information Technology    
  • Manufacturing Engineering 
  • Materials Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Mining Engineering 
  • Petroleum Engineering    

Courses Available 

  • Contemporary Nursing  
  • Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging   
  • Midwifery and Women’s Health  
  • Nursing (Adult)   
  • Nursing (Child)  
  • Nursing (Learning Disabilities)   
  • Nursing (Mental Health)   
  • Paramedic Science   
  • Physiotherapy   
  • Pre-Registration Midwifery   
  • Pre-registration Midwifery (Shortened)  
  • Radiotherapy and Oncology   
  • Social Work   

Courses Available 

  • Bachelor of Laws  
  • Business Law      
  • Criminal Justice and Criminology   
  • Energy Law and the Environment      
  • Governance, Risk management and Compliance      
  • Intellectual Property and Data Protection Law      
  • International Commercial Law      
  • International Development Law      
  • International Financial Law      
  • International Human Rights Law      
  • International Law      
  • IT Law and Policy      
  • Legal Practice      

Courses Available 

  • Astrophysics  
  • Financial Mathematics  
  • Mathematics  
  • Physics  
  • Physics 

Courses Available 

  • 2D Animation and Character for Digital Media    
  • 3D Computer Animation and Modelling    
  • 3D Games Art & Design    
  • Architecture     
  • Audio Recording and Production     
  • Design Crafts (Ceramics and Glass)     
  • Design Crafts (Jewellery)     
  • Design Crafts (Textiles)     
  • Digital Media Design     
  • Fashion and Fashion Business     
  • Fashion Design     
  • Film and Television Production     
  • Fine Art     
  • Graphic Design     
  • Graphic Design Advertising and Branding     
  • Illustration     
  • Interior Architecture and Design     
  • Live Sound and Lighting Technology     
  • Model Design (Character and Creative Effects)     
  • Model Design (Model Effects)     
  • Model Design (Special Effects)     
  • Music and Sound Design Technology     
  • Music Composition and Technology for Film and Games     
  • Music Industry Management     
  • Music Production     
  • Photography     
  • Product and Industrial Design     
  • Song writing and Music Production     
  • Visual Effects for Film and Television

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University. Is it right for you?

Let’s face it, university isn’t right for everyone. 

For many school and college leavers, higher education might seem like the obvious next step. But if you feel like the only one struggling to imagine life after your A levels, don’t panic. There’s still time to decide what you really want to do – you just need to consider all the options. 

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UK Universities are known and prestigious for their undergraduate degree programs. UK universities are among the best in the world, and consistently perform well in world rankings. They also have a reputation for world-class research. UK universities offer thousands of excellent courses and grant degrees that are recognized by employers and academics worldwide.  Continue Reading

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MBA, otherwise known as The Master of Business Administration is an internationally-recognized degree designed to improve and set a respected standard for working skills and careers in business and management related industries.   Continue Reading


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