We offer bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, DBA & PhD certifications from various reputable universities. We offer degrees from genuine and reputable English speaking Universities; with full accreditation. You can pick any courses of your choice and any year of your choice.

We only provide degree certification from selected reputable and accredited Universities. In simpler terms, these Universities exist, accredited, have real campuses and does offer the targeted degree courses. We do not offer diploma or degree mill. (real life experience degree)

First of all, we DO NOT sell diploma mill. To find out what is diploma mill, you can check the link here.

To purchase and own an online or life experience degree is easy. You create a University name, print good quality paper and then create a bogus accreditation body and thereafter make HUGE claim such degree is indeed accredited. Such degree will then be justified by claiming to the buyers as “life experience” certification and is equivalent and/or at par with regular degree. That is indeed plain fraud and/or scam.

Accreditation is a term generally used to indicate that an institution has met a certain set of standards promulgated by a governing bodies and/or authorities. Following are the major benefits a student/working adult receives from an accredited university:

  • An assurance that the awarded degrees will provide the benefits that are associated with high-quality educational standards.
  • An assurance that the institution is globally recognized and meets certain quality of education standards.
  • Having a degree from an accredited educational institution ensures that your educational documents will have a global recognition and acceptance.

If we just send your degree for printing at any local printing outlet, create new university that don’t even have physical existence and sell it online, then YES, we can offer you at a very competitive price. Fortunately (for you), we are not. We are selling real degree from reputable universities and we have to “work our ways” off several offices and parties in order for us to get you the degree of your choice.

We can guarantee that you won’t be able to find such products in the market. If you happen to find any, let us know.

When you order your degree package from us, you get a set of free documents along with your degree and transcript. The following are the contents of your degree package:

  • 1 Original Accredited Degree certificate (embossed with the University’s seal)
  • 1 Original Transcripts (embossed with the University’s seal)
  • 1 Set of every respective year examination results
  • 1 Offer Letter from the University
  • 1 Congratulation Letter upon graduation
  • 1 Certification/Completion Letter
  • 1 Hard cover folder

Obviously not. First we are DO NOT offer online of life experience degree. Your degree would be just like any normal traditional degree.

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Our degree certificates bears the full colour crest of the University, is duly executed by the University President and is embossed with the University official seal. The papers used are watermarked goatskin acid free paper with a high cotton content and wood fibre. They are designed to meet international ISO standards for archival papers and under normal use will last for at least 500 years.

Yes. We will issue your degree in your preferred year. It can be backdated.

You can pay us through our secured on-line ordering page. We accept various methods of payment, subjects to your country of residence.

Text us here  – stating your name, age and country of your origin and the degree of your choice.

We will have the degree ready for you, and have it emailed in JPEG (picture) format. You can check the spelling and look thoroughly the scanned picture.

If you are fully satisfied, send us the remaining 60 percent and we will have it delivered to your doorstep by FedEx.

(We will provide the FedEx Tracking Number)

  • Get yourself promoted
  • Get better jobs, better salary
  • Save money, save yourself from extraordinary tuition fee
  • Save time indefinitely
  • NO endless examinations and assignments
  • OR just simply to uplift your credibility and social status
  • The certificate serves only as ticket. The rest of your future is totally up to you.

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